04 August 2006

SPIRIT WORDS: Magnanimity

Being a writer, I have a keen interest in words, their meanings, and their roots. I've been collecting words that have to do with spirit, words we can use to communicate about and understand our spiritual nature. I'll be posting more of these words, but today I want to share a word I just discovered this morning.

Magnanimity. The inherent reaching out of the soul to do great things. The magnanamous man aims at great works, making it his purpose to do things worthy of great honor. Not for the honor, but for the joy of expressing himself as a spirit.

It's from the Latin magnanimus, from magnus great + animus spirit.

To be magnanimus is to demonstrate our greatness, our GREATNESS, in every way.

I love it! Our spirit characterisics are built right into our language.

Debra O:-)


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