02 August 2006

Persistence Pays Off

Today I am starting to see some improvement in my body, which I have been struggling with over the last few weeks. I've been making changes to my diet to handle recurring gout in my feet. My intention is to do more than just get over an attack, it is to eliminate gout from my body altogether, which is a much bigger task, and kind of like turning an ocean liner around in a bathtub--difficult and uncomfortable.

But today, after many days of experiencing no change, I have much less pain in my foot and it actually seems possible to accomplish this. Yay!

The point I want to make here is persistence. I've learned that persisting with an intention will eventually make it happen, sooner or later. But if I give up on my intention and go into agreement with the way things are instead of holding a vision of how I want them to be, things just stay the same.

As I was writing this last sentence, I was just smiling about how in the last few days I have more than once just let my mind and body have a tantrum and insist "I can't do this!" while going through the healing process, but as a spirit I am always separate from that and can just observe and say, "Thank you for sharing, now let's get on with creating what we want."

Debra :-)


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