03 August 2006

My Spirit View of "The Universe"

There is a prevalent idea in our culture that we humans are basically bodies, so when we refer to ourselves as spiritual beings, we say "my spirit"--from the viewpoint of a body having a spirit. And we think of "The Universe" as being this big thing larger than us that gives us the things that we ask for.

As an aware spirit, I have a different viewpoint. As a spirit, I am infinite, so I am larger and beyond the physical universe. As large as the physical universe is, I am larger, because I have no size. I am beyond size.

So instead of having the viewpoint that I am small and the physical universe is large, I have the viewpoint that I am immense, and the entire physical universe is very small in comparison--about like moving pieces around on a game board.

From this viewpoint, I don't feel so limited by the restrictions of the physical universe.

This whole switch of viewpoint from being a body looking "in" to being a spirit looking "out" was a major shift for me.

The French have a phrase, something like "feeling good in your skin" and some lotion company has a slogan now, something like "love the skin you are in." These have the right viewpoint..."you" being you the spirit, being in the skin of your body.

Debra :-)


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