11 August 2006

The Larger World of Spirit

Last night I had a dream. I was living in a house that I was sharing with other people. We each had our own room and shared common areas. I loved my room--it was everything I wanted.

Then one day, two people moved out of the house, leaving their rooms empty. And so I wandered in to look at them. The rooms were huge! At least twice the size of mine. And they had more windows, light was streaming in. Even though I couldn't imagine such a room before, now that I saw that beautiful room and knew it was possible, I wanted to live in one of the larger rooms.

Becoming aware as a spirit is like entering a larger room and deciding to live there. Life looks different. More is possible.

This blog is my invitation to you to come visit the larger room of spirit. I'm here to show you around, so you can have the option to choose a larger room for yourself.

Debra :-)


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