01 August 2006

Compassion is Natural and Inherent

I've been working on a book about our inherent characteristics as spiritual beings, and have been working on it more this week, inspired to finish it.

As part of working on this, I've been going through a book about "ethical values" that parents should teach their children, which I read some years ago. In the chapter on Compassion, the author says "Understanding and responding to the needs of others is not an inbread, human characteristic. It is an acquired trait."

I absolutely disagree! As a spirit, I am aware of the traits that are inherently mine and this is certainly one of them! It is natural for each of us as spirits to feel sympathy for the distress of others and reach out to help. The acquired trait is the degree to which this natural outpouring of spirit is blocked in our world today.

A body by itself does not reach out to help others. Neither does a mind. It is the living spirit that each of us are that wants to improve the condition of others and takes action to do so.


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