05 August 2006

Body Purification

For the last few weeks, my attention has been on purification of my body, that is, taking steps to remove anything from it that does not contribute to its optimal function.

I know that purification of the body is a traditional part of the spiritual path and I just want to make a comment about my experience with this.

The first thing I did, many years ago, was address toxic chemicals in my body and environment, and eliminate them. I never did drink alcohol (except for on occasional glass of champagne at a party), or smoke cigarettes, or take recreational drugs. I haven't taken over-the-counter or prescription medication in over twenty years, with the exception of a couple of emergencies. So I haven't been putting the usual "bad stuff" in my body.

But what I did do was eat food, which my body did not process correctly, leaving acid wastes. So now it is time to remove those from my body.

The important point here is that I am not becoming more spiritually aware as the result of a body purification, but the need to purify my body seems to be trailing along right behind growing spiritual awareness and ability. It's like I make progress to a certain point, and then my body needs to change to "hold" a higher vibration. This body change looks like illness, but the symptoms are just signs that there are things that need to be cleared away.

I've found that the process of becoming spiritually aware and able is more about removing that which obscures the spirit, like cleaning a window to allow the sun to shine through. Just as the sun is there shining, though it may not be visible, so too is the spirit always there in it's full glory. Part of what needs to be removed are restrictive thought patterns in the mind. Purification of the body allows the spirit to operate more fully through the body.

I also am finding that "sticking to my diet" and drinking copious amounts of water through the day is absolutely effortless. It is a relief to know what my body needs and give that to it. It is a joy to feel those old wastes leaving my body, even though at times it is uncomfortable.

Suddenly I want my body to function optimally. I have things to do in the world. To have anything less than optimal body function is not enough. And so it is.


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