10 August 2006

Being Aware of Body Condition

Yesterday I was working on writing something and I had my attention on being aware of the condition of one's body. I realized that I am much more aware of the condition of my body now than I have been in the past. Looking back, I can see that I didn't have much awareness of how my body was doing until it started screaming at me in pain or other symptoms. But now I can look at my body and monitor how it is doing and have an interest in doing so.

While observing this, I had an interesting realization. And that was...in order to be able to observe the condition of one's body, one needs to have a viewpoint outside of the body from which to observe! People who think they are a body would have a very difficult time observing their body or using intention to change their body. But as a spirit, I don't need to be inside my body in order to be connnected to it. I can be outside of my body and some distance from it, and observe and change it just like any other external object.

I'm not talking here about hypochondria, when people are obcessed with being sick. I'm talking about just having an awareness of how my body is doing and when something needs to be adjusted to improve or maintain good functioning. It puts me in a position of having more control over my body condition, and not having to wait until things are so badly malfunctioning before my body gets my attention and help.

Debra :-)


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