09 August 2006

An Act of Kindness

I always keep at least one bouquet of fresh flowers on my desk.

Yesterday I was at my favorite flower store (my favorite because the owner LOVES flowers, so much that she doesn't like to throw away the flowers that are still good but too old to sell, so she keeps them in a bucket and gives them away to her favorite customers--like me!).

Sharon had some absolutely gorgeous white roses with slightly opened buds as big as my fist. As they opened, the petals inside had a slightly pink blush. They were breaktaking and unusually special. I knew immediately these were the ones to come home with me and keep me company as I work. I asked the price, and chose three, then Sharon said, "I'll give you two-for-one," and wrapped up six.

As she was wrapping them, I became aware of my friend H, who LOVES flowers as well. Flowers just really boost her as a spirit. And I thought, "H would really LOVE this flower!" So I had Sharon wrap up another one, with a ribbon, too.

On the way home, I stopped at H's house and surprised her with the flower. She was ecstatic! She said she had goosebumps. It really made her day.

It seemed like such a little thing to me--the cost in money was only a few dollars--but I just followed my spirit inspiration that I should take one of these flowers to H and the benefit to her was ENORMOUS.

After seeing her delight, I really became more aware of how easy it is to be kind and how good I felt as a spirit that I had just followed through with that spirit prompting. I really hadn't realized before what a big benefit I can give to another being by doing something I think is so small.

I also noticed that as a spirit, I felt that I had lost nothing by doing this act of kindness. In fact, I became more aware of how full I feel as a spirit, and that this outpouring of kindness comes from an inexhaustible source. In the physical world, to give something away creates an emptiness on the side of the giver--I now have less in my pile of stuff. But in the spiritual world, to give something away just opens the way for a bigger flow to replace what was given.

More kindness... I'm going to keep watch for more opportunities to give. Giving H the flower and seeing her happiness made my day too.

Debra :-)


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