31 July 2006

When Problems Come Up...

It seems that as I move forward as a spirit, I both experience greater ease and ability, but also new problems continue to come up. It's like if I were a seed, impelled from within to push through the soil and grow a sturdy plant and leaves so my beautiful flower could finally blossom, the forward movement of fulfilling my purpose of blossoming would lead me to encounter the problems of achieving that along the way.

I've been going through a lot with my body, the past few weeks especially. At the same time, I want to note, I've also been moving forward spiritually, into a new level of understanding and expression.

Last Thursday I realized that what is going on is a response to my spirit intention to have a healthy body.

I've noticed that when I make an intention as a spirit, the thing intended either happens right away or everything that is NOT my intention comes up to be handled, giving me the opportunity to clear it away.

Health, for example, is the natural condition of my body. Illness or impairment is the intrusion of something that reduces health.

Health is the result of giving the body the elements it needs to build, operate, and repair itself--nutritious foods, water, sleep, exercise, etcetera--and refraining from giving it things that cause damage, such as toxic chemicals, alcohols, sugar, stress, etcetera.

Both of these actions are choices we make as spirits, or fail to make.

Even though I have done much for my body to have good health--and my body is much healthier--there is still more to go.

My intention is for my body to be functional, vibrant, beautiful, and able to do anything I as a spirit want it to do to serve me as I fulfill my purpose in the world. All the discomforts I am going through now are opportunities to correct and reverse the actions I've taken or failed to take in past. As difficult as it is sometimes to get through these things, I always appreciate that the universe is set up in such a way that I inherently have a choice and the power to create what I want.

Illness is not a failure. It's an opportunity for correction, an opportunity to set things right, in the direction of sustaining life.

So if you are making intentions and getting problems instead of results, oddly enough, you are on the right track. Just work your way through to resolve those problems and your intention will occur.


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