31 July 2006

What Spirit Feels Like to Me

Over the weekend I received an email from a reader saying that she appreciated the Signs of Spirit stories because "Your stories help me realize all my spiritual adventures are not necessarily the aha! experiences that happen occasionally, but experiences that are part of daily life."

And I read a passage in a book that was questioning direct spiritual experience. The author said that this happens "only rarely in history" and "is found in holy texts".

So I wanted to share what my experience is like when I am being a spirit.

This morning, for example, I'm feeling bright, interested and clearminded. I'm happily bringing order to my house and my work and making progress on a project. I'm working quickly and unencumbered, without feeling rushed. It's like the path is open and clear and I am just flowing forward. I feel very free, like I can do anything. I feel a rush of energy, like riding a tidal wave, and my writing just flows forth. I feeling like dancing and singing with joy. I feel full of love and appreciation for everything.

To me, this is how I experience being a spirit. It's operating beyond my mind, which still has doubts and fears and considerations and dated information, and beyond my body, which still has pains here and there. So what! I can still function to my highest level of current ability as a spirit by being aware that I exist beyond them.

Now there are times when I get bogged down in my mind or body, and it doesn't feel this way. I can get caught up in worry or doubt or fear, or have all my attention on pain in my body. My mind and body can overcome my attention. But as a spirit I know I am still a spirit and I am more powerful than my mind or body. It's a bit of a tug-of-war. But I hold a continuing intention to always be in charge as a spirit, so I can always bring my attention back "home".

This spirit awareness is something everyone can achieve, I am sure.

Of course, I do also have aha! moments, too (see blog entry Spontaneous Realizations)

Debra :-)


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