13 July 2006

Using Spirit Knowing

Part of what I want to do with this blog is to share what it is like to have a spirit perspective in daily life.

Just now I was working on creating my Words of Wisdom, a daily email I send out with inspiring quotations about spirit and nature. When I create these, I go to a database of quotations I've been collecting for years, and just browse through them. I don't have any guidelines or formulas for choosing which quotation to pick, and I don't just publish them in the order in which they appear in the database. There is a definate choosing. But it is not a "thinking" choosing, it is a "knowing" choosing. I just browse through the quotations and suddenly one will stand out, an awareness that "this is the one!" There is no reason for choosing it, just a feeling that it is right.

I often use this spirit knowing to make decisions. And the decision always turns out to be better than if I had "figured" through a decision by looking at pros and cons. As a spirit, I know when something is right.

I don't want this to sound like I never look at the physical facts of a situation. I do. For life consists of both the physical and the spiritual. I just wanted to share how I experience the spiritual aspect. And often, as with choosing the right quotation for any given day, the spiritual is all I need.


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