13 July 2006

Using Intention

One of the most practical things I do as a spirit is to use my intention to create things the way I want them to be instead of just "accepting things as they are" even if they aren't going as I would like them to.

Yesterday I needed to go to an important appointment. I needed to be there at 1:00. Ordinarily I would drive myself, but a pain in my foot was keeping me from being able to drive myself, so Larry agreed to drive me. We agreed to leave at 11:30 so I could take a shower first (we're remodeling our bathroom and currently don't have a shower) and then go out to lunch and to the appointment.

11:30 came and went and no Larry. This was unexpected since Larry is extremely punctual. He was test driving a car he was working on, so maybe the car broke down. But I needed to be at my appointment at 1:00, and did not want to miss it.

So I simply intended that I would be there by 1:00 or so, regardless of what needed to happen to get there. I also intended that Larry would arrive in time to drive me, and then I started rearranging the things that needed to happen in the next hour and a half so I would be ready when Larry walked in the door. First I ate lunch at home--leisurely, no rush. Then I considered what to do about taking a shower. I thought if Larry didn't arrive I could take a taxi, but it would be ackward to take a taxi to our other house to take a shower and then to the appointment. So I decided to just wash my hair in the kitchen sink and take a sponge bath. And no sooner did I wet my hair, Larry came in the door. The car had indeed broken down. But he arrived in time to take me to take a shower and got me to my appointment at 1:10--plenty of time for my full appointment.

With the intention that I would arrive for my appointment, even though circumstances looked like it wasn't going to happen, I was able to arrange the physical universe so that would occur. No worry or anxiety was necessary. I just used my spirit ability of intention.

Now you may be wondering, "Why doesn't she just use her spirit intention to heal this pain in her foot?" Well, some things take longer than others in the physical universe. I haven't gotten to instant healing yet. But my foot gets better every day.


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