25 July 2006

To Have A Great Relationship...

Early this morning I said to Larry, "We are so perfect for each other. How did we get to be so perfect?"

Without hesitation he said, "We just got rid of everything that wasn't working and expanded everything that was good."

He says these things so matter-of-factly that are so simple and profound.

That's exactly what we did. But to me there is something more. We have a deep connection spirit-to-spirit that is consistent and abiding, regardless of the temporary situations passing by in the physical world. I just so appreciate having that...appreciation isn't the right word...something deeper than that on a level where there are no words.

Larry is right. That was the process. We started with a spark of a spirit connection which has grown over the years because we kept choosing it and allowing it and expanding it. Both together.

Friday will be our 19th anniversary of being together. It just keeps getting better...

Debra :-)


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