12 July 2006

To Agree or Not To Agree...That is the Choice

I've noticed that the process of becoming more and more aware and able as a spirit is often one of revisiting basic principles over and over and understanding them more deeply each time around.

Yesterday I came to understand more deeply how being in agreement with something or not as a spirit affects what happens in my physical life.

I was looking at the question of my own ability to cause things to happen to others, and conversely, the ability of others to cause things to happen to me. And I had the realization (for about the tenth time!) that another person cannot cause something to happen to me unless I go into agreement with them, and I cannot cause something to happen to another person unless they agree to it.

Now I had seen this before, but the new dimension yesterday was that this agreement thing applies to everything! Like my body can't be sick unless I, the spirit, agree my body can be sick. And mosquitoes can't bite my body unless I agree that mosquitoes can come near enough to my body to bite it...and even if they do bite my body, that bite doesn't have to itch unless I am in agreement that mosquito bites itch.

Agreement can be used to create things with others we want to create. Like Larry and I could have an agreement to go out to a movie and then go out to the movie together and have a good time.

Disagreement can be used to block things from happening. Like I don't agree with eating white sugar, so not only do I not eat it, but it rarely even gets offered to me any more.

I was seeing that we all have agreements of all kinds that we aren't even aware of and mostly we operate with these unknown agreements. I think one of the reasons Larry and I have such an incredible relationship is that we have very clear agreements. We both know what our relationship is about and apply those agreements every day. I've been in other relationships where those involved won't even discuss agreements and those relationships didn't work very well.

As spirits we always have the choice to agree or disagree with whatever is occurring, and to participate or not participate. But here's another thing. Agreeing or disagreeing with something is a response. It's being an effect of something else. As spirits, we have the ability to create and cause things to occur, which is even more powerful!


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