20 July 2006

Spontaneous Realizations

Part of why I'm doing this blog is that I want others to know what my direct experience is like being aware that I am a spirit and intentionally living as a spirit. I wish someone had told me years ago how life as a spirit is different from life as a body.

As I go through daily life, I experience three levels of perception. There are the physical senses of my body, the "chattering" of my mind, and then simply existing as a spirit. There are times when I am not aware of sensing or thinking, but just being.

Often I will have spontaneous realizations, which are the most wonderful part of my life. It's when I just suddenly become aware of the most marvelous inspiration. That "ah ha!" or "eureka!" moment in which I become aware of something that is just beyond anything from my previous earthly experience. I feel joyously ecstatic and my body gets a big rush of energy. My face looks all bright and shiny and my eyes sparkle and I feel like of course I am capable of doing this immense new thing! They are "Wow!" moments.

These happen all the time. Well, not continuously, but at least several times a week. Sometimes in clusters--five or six back to back.

Larry and I have noticed these realizations are often proceeded by things looking pretty frustrating or stuck or bleak. But it is so predictable that something wonderful will emerge after the difficult period that Larry and I just laugh and remind each other, "You know, something really incredible is about to happen!" It seems the worse the difficulty, the more incredible the realization.

Larry also is fond of reminding me that obstacles wouldn't be coming up if I wasn't racing forward on a path. I could be quite comfortable sitting still, not moving or changing or growing in my magnificence, but what fun would that be?

Debra :-)


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