05 July 2006

A Spirit Solution

Being a self-employed writer, I am always needing to manage my own time. Being interested in writing about a lot of subjects, I am often juggling projects to fit into available hours in the day.

This week I've been working on writing content for a new website I was wanting to launch next week. I found the project was bigger than I anticipated and needed more time. The problem was, I had already scheduled to announce the new website in my Health, Home & Habitat newsletter and I didn't have another story to fill in.

Rather than trying to come up with a story idea in the physical world by looking through files and notes and books for ideas, I just went about my work with the thought that I wanted more time to complete that project and in order to get that time, I needed a story for my newsletter that would be both interesting to my readers and easy to write.

Within an hour of earth time, I simply became aware of the perfect story idea and I happily got to work on it.

I've learned that when I just rely on my own spirit knowing to come up with a solution, I always get a better solution than if I tried to figure it out with my mind.

Debra :-)


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