08 July 2006

Spirit and Business

On Wednesday I had a big realization about my business.

Ordinarily I really love my work. I enjoy the creative act of writing and am very interested in the subjects I have chosen to write about. But lately I have been feeling like my work was more about meeting physical-world deadlines (self-imposed, but physical-world deadlines nonetheless) than about doing creative work and communication as a spirit.

When I took a look at what I had created, I saw that I had simply overscheduled myself. In the realm of spirit, there is no time. I can imagine everything I want to create and see it created instantly. So I get all excited and want to create this and this and that *right now*. What I'm learning is how to create in the physical world what I can imagine as a spirit, which requires various skills, planning, time allotment, resources and the like. Having an idea as a spirit and executing it in the physical world are two different things entirely!

So this week I found myself stressed because I had scheduled more spirit creations to be completed in the physical world than the limited physical-world hours in a day could handle. And I felt squished and limited by physical time. Hemmed in.

I realized first that *I* had chosen all this activity and therefore *I* had the power to rearrange my activities in a way I could be more comfortable with as a spirit.

And then I realized that all of my work is about communication of information I have that I experience as really valuable to making life wonderful--so valuable that I am really excited about sharing it. Really. When I find information that makes my life better, the first thing I want to do is tell others. And that made me see my business in an entirely new light. Instead of producing physical things like books and websites and newsletters and articles, what I am actually producing is spirit-to-spirit communication. These physical forms are simply *doorways* through which my spirit communications pass on their way to being received by other spirits. My business isn't about producing those physical things--though I do produce them--it's about the spirit activity of communication spirit-to-spirit. That it happens via the symbols of words in a physical form is fine for now. That's how spirits mostly communicate today.

I drew a picture that I am going to frame today and hang above my desk--me communicating with other spirits through the doorways of my business.

That feels more joyful!

Debra :-)


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