23 July 2006

Simple Living, Seeing the Sky & a Poem

Every couple of weeks I post new material to my Wisdom of Life website, which is about reorienting our lives to spirit and nature.

Today I posted an essay called The Spirit of Simplicity that I wrote a few years ago. It takes a different approach to simple living than is popular today. It's not about reducing our material life to a minimum, but rather our material needs from a spirit perspective. And I've also included my favorite books on simple living, including one written by Quakers, who have been emphasizing spirit in their daily life since 1640.

I also posted the poem "Tintern Abbey" by William Wordsworth, written in 1798. It is such an eloquent expression of a view of life in which spirit and nature are present and alive, written on the banks of a river near an abbey in Wales.

Debra :-)


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