12 July 2006

Rest and Regeneration

It's been my experience that when my body has a symptom, the symptom is my body's way of communcatating to me, the spirit, that there is something wrong in with the way I am interacting with it.

Often I have noticed that my body will provide symptoms of pain or illness when I have overworked it. As a spirit, I have no physical limitations--I can work all day and night at things I enjoy doing. But my body is part of the physical world and needs to alternate periods of activity and rest. As a spirit I don't have to be limited by this, but I do need to respect the body's needs. Apparently I have a choice--to either use and maintain my body according to it's needs and have it available and functioning when I want it, or run it until it breaks down and then I can't use it at all (or use it only in a limited way).

I realized yesterday that both activity (which wears down) and regeneration (which restores and builds up) are both spirit functions. A body without a spirit does neither. Activity is about moving and using the body; regeneration occurs when the body is at rest. Rest is an essential complement to activity, and is something I need to make sure my body gets, just like I make sure to feed my body the nutrients it needs, and I make sure to exercise my body.

Slowly but surely I as a spirit am caring more and more deeply about my body and learning more and more about how to care for it day to day, so it will be healthy and available to be my partner in life here on Earth.


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