05 July 2006

Practical Intuition

Since becoming more aware of my spirit abilities, I often have situations where I just "know" the solution to a problem without figuring it out with my mind.

This morning I was working on formatting the template for this blog and there was a problem. The way this is set up there is a lot of preformatting and then there are places where you get to make changes. Since I know html code for making web pages, I wrote a bit of code to customize the page, and then it did something strange. Since I was working around preformatted coding that I couldn't see or change, it wasn't immediately apparent what to do.

I tried a few logical code changes, but the results just kept getting stranger and stranger. All of a sudden, I just got a flash to try something I had never done before with the code and just did it without thinking about it first. And it worked! It was a fix that was not in my mental data banks of previous experience, yet as a spirit, I was able to see what needed to be done and "know" the fix.

This spirit ability often comes in handy!

Debra :-)


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