20 July 2006

My Natural State as a Spirit

Now that I have this blog, I'm just observing myself as I go through the day, just being more aware as a spirit that I am being a spirit and what that is like.

Over time I've discovered that my natural state as a spirit is a kind of happy, joyous, enthusiam about life. In this state I easily have ideas on how to accomplish my purpose, can act efficiently and effortlessly, and everything I need simply flows in harmony.

I just was noticing how happy and excited I am as I am doing my work. I was just talking with one of my website sub-contractors about improvements for this blog (of course, she just immediately answered the phone when I called and was available to talk). Since blogging is new to me, I just wanted to get started, but now that I have been using this blogging structure, I want some features it doesn't have. So I just brainstormed with my designer and she is now setting up everything I want. While we were talking, I was just getting so excited about all the possibilities of what we could create to make it easier for all of us to communicate about being spirits. I'm so excited!

So if you have any suggestions for things that would make it easier to use this blog, please send me an email at spirit-in-charge@signs-of-spirit.com.

It's so clear that what makes my days so happy is that I am doing exactly what I want to do as a spirit, and that my work benefits the world at large in addition to myself. This is possible for everyone.

Debra :-)


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