21 July 2006

Me, Mind & Body

I'd like to give you all a tip for something that helped me a lot as a spirit. And that is to begin to use language that establishes that you are speaking as a spirit.

In our culture, we use the word "I" to refer to oneself, but also to one's mind or body.

Like "Wrap this towel around yourself." Well, you aren't actually wrapping the towel around yourself, a spirit, you, a spirit are wrapping a towel around your body. So I would say instead, "Wrap this towel around your body."

Or "I was listening to myself talk." Actually, you, spirit, were listening to your mind chatter. And the mind isn't even a living thing, it's just a stimulus-response data bank. I would say instead, "I was observing my mind chattering," or something like that.

By just being aware of spirit, mind, and body as separate items and referring to them correctly in language has been very illuminating to me. Though they work together to create the whole human being, they are as different as flour and sugar and butter that go into making a cookie.

Try it! And watch for this in my writing. I still make mistakes, but I get better at it every day.

Debra :-)


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