08 July 2006

The Importance of Sharing About Spirit

This week I've been working on setting up this blog so I and others can share experiences about being a spirit more spontaneously than in the story format of our Signs of Spirit newsletter. And something amazing occurred today that showed me really how important it is both for me to share my own experiences and read the experiences of others. This experience really encouraged me to continue on setting up the blog and make it and our newsletter more widely known.

Last night my husband Larry wanted us to watch the recording he had made of a television movie called "Flight 93". It was the story of the heroic passengers who banded together and prevented terriorists from crashing their hijacked plane into a major landmark, which would have killed hundreds more people on September 11, 2001. I probably wouldn't have watched the film on my own, but he wanted to watch it and I wanted to be with him, so we watched it together.

The entire film was about being on the plane with the passengers and their experience being under control of terrorists armed with sharp boxcutters that they demonstrated could be used to kill. After getting information on the fate of other hijacked planes from loved ones during many cell phone calls, the passengers realized this was a suicide mission for the hijackers and they banded together to take control of the plane. Once the passengers accepted they were going to die, they collectively took heroic action to crash the plane in an empty field, where other lives would be spared. It was a scary experience to watch this, to be there having the experience as a passenger, not knowing what the terrorists were going to do, saying good-bye to loved ones and experiencing the horror and loss of families waiting and watching and finally learning their husbands and wives and sons and daughters had been killed in the crash.

This afternoon, as a spirit, I was observing how I felt about watching the film and I began to wonder what I would do if I were in that same situation. Suddenly, I remembered a story we had published in the Signs of Spirit newsletter, called "Flight" by Abby Heywood, in which Abby described how she used her spirit abilities to keep a falling airplane from dropping out of the sky, allowing it to land safely. And I realized that the fate of Flight 93 could have been different. I admired the passengers for accomplishing their intended plan, but saw that their actions were limited not by their ability, but by their vision of what was possible. Had Abby been on the plane, I'm sure she could have controlled the situation with the terrorists and landed the plane safely.

Having this realization immediately erased any lingering fear I had of terrorist attack. Though I make no claim that my own spirit abilities are currently such that I could control a terrorist or a airplane, from reading Abby's story I at least can imagine that is possible.

I am feeling very grateful today for those who share their stories of spiritual ability, awareness, and experience, for it is through reading and hearing these stories I am inspired to know the range of what is possible for myself. And being on the receiving end of benefit from the story of another has renewed and expanded my enthusiasm to share my own stories.

Another reminder that we just don't know how incredibly powerful and able we really are...and that's why we need to communicate about being spirits. Just think what our world would be like if more people knew they were beings of spirit and what their true abilities are!

Debra :-)


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