15 July 2006

Finding What I Needed

This last week I have been struggling with my body over an attack of gout. My body has had these attacks before, which has been puzzling to me, since my body doesn't fit the profile of being a male who consumes a lot of alcoholic beverages and red meat.

My body had the first bout in March of last year, then another almost one year later to the day, this past March, and since then two more attacks, with little time between. The pain that comes from gout is considered to be "the worst pain you can experience," and it is the worst pain I have ever experienced. What happens in the body is that excess uric acid crystallizes into needle-like formations that actually rip the tissue, producing a purple bruise. Why my body had excess uric acid I didn't know because I wasn't feeding my body any of the foods on the standard gout list. "This must be leftover from another lifetime," I thought.

I had worked out a natural treatment plan that seemed to work, and have been using it this week with good results. Though the afflicted area is smaller than previous attacks, and the pain is milder, it's still not over. I felt like I was doing the best I could with the information I had and I had already researched the subject quite extensively. But here I was, still with gout.

Yesterday, a friend suggested that I do more research to find a better treatment. Exasperated and frustrated, with a body in pain, I, as a spirit, said, with great force of energy, "I don't want another treatment! I want to find out whatever I need to know and do so that my body will never have gout again!"

This morning I woke up early and my first thought was to go to my computer and search on "uric acid". Always before I had searched on "gout" but this morning it was quite clear to me to find out about uric acid and how it works in my body.

Well, the first result on the list led me to a website that a lot of information about uric acid--what it is, how it turns into an attack of gout, what contributes to it, what relieves it...I learned some vital information that has made it possible for me to work out a whole new program, based on understanding the actual imbalance going on in my body. It turned out that I was eating foods I didn't know contributed to gout and I needed to drink more water. Easy things like that I could do. I just didn't know to do them. With this new information, I see I can control my actions so my body will never have gout again.

As a spirit, I take responsibility for the condition of my body. Over and over I am amazed at how little I know about how my body operates (and not just me, in our culture, most of us don't know how to operate our bodies for optimum health, and rely on medical experts or alternative healers rather than our own knowledge and ability). Each time my body has problems and I learn what it needs and provide it, I have no more problems in that area. Bit by bit I'm learning how it works and how to care for it.

This morning I was delighted that the response to my intention for what I needed to know to never have gout again arrived so rapidly and effortlessly! Even though I used the physical tool of an Internet search engine, I know that it's possible to search the Internet all day and never find what you are looking for. The fact that I zoomed right in on the exact information I was looking for to me was spirit at work. I had to stop looking for a treatment and intend to find how to live gout-free.

Then this afternoon Larry went out to our chlorine-free swimming pool, which is in a wooded area all surrounded by ancient oak trees. I was standing in the middle of the pool, just enjoying the coolness of the water and moving my arms through the water gently, as I couldn't walk with the pain in my foot. All of a sudden a blue dragonfly came and gently landed on my head for a moment. Traditionally, dragonflies are a symbol of transformation.

Seems to me something is about to change.

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Blogger Debra Dadd Redalia said...

Recovering From and Preventing Gout Naturally

I received an email from a reader asking if I would post what I'm learning about handling gout in my body, so here it is.

First I want to say that I have had several major body problems in this lifetime and I have overcome them all by learning about the physical root causes of them. It's clear to me that body problems can be caused by both mental and physical means, and in order to fully handle a body problem, both the mental and physical need to be addressed. I am specifically saying "mental" here because I know that as a spirit, I am free of illness, so physical disorders lie in the realm of mental thoughts and images and in our day-to-day actions with regard to our bodies. But even if the mental thoughts and images are removed as a cause, there is still the effects of physical actions on the body, and much of our modern industrial life is incompatible with our natural bodies. In this lifetime I have handled hypothyroid, multiple chemical sensitivities, and diabetes in my body, so I know I can overcome gout as well.


Gout is a type of arthritis, in fact, "gout" is short for "gouty arthritis." When a body has the condition of gout, it is experiencing a deposit of needle-like uric acid crystals in the connective tissue, the joint between two bones, or both. Because these crystals are sharp, they actually damage tissue and a purple bruise appears. It is very painful.

Uric acid is the end result of the breakdown of purines in the body. Purines are found in many foods (see below). Our bodies are designed to be able to eat and process these foods. When there is excess uric acid in the body, the body collects and stores it in these crystals that we call "gout". In this sense, gout is a natural indicator that something is amiss in the body or in our behavior that needs to be corrected. If we heed this warning and make the correction, we need not continue to have the warning symptom. My observation is that excess uric acid levels must be something the body considers to be fairly dangerous, for it has a very painful distress signal!

Uric acid crystals can take months or years to accumulate. Though an attack of gout can be triggered by a single event, that event is "the last straw", rather than the cause.

Excess uric acid in the body has two causes:
1) consumption of purines in foods beyond the amount the body can process
2) a malfunction of the kidneys that results in an inability to eliminate uric acid

So the solution for the problem of gout is to both manage the amount of purines eaten and also restore to the kidneys their ability to eliminate uric acid. (Just an aside, I often see that "treatments" for body disorders have a lot to do with "avoidance" of the offending substances, and rarely mention what one can do to strengthen and repair the body function. In our modern culture, most emphasis is on relieving symptoms, usually by taking drugs, which does nothing to remove the damaging agents or strenghthen the body.)


First, purines are not "bad"--they are simply there. In fact, purines have a beneficial role to play in the body: they are part of the fundamental structure of genes. Uric acid, the product of the breakdown of purines, is a potent antioxidant. It is needed to protect our cells from DNA damage and also protects the linings of our blood vessels from damage. Purines are found in all the cells of our bodies and the bodies of plants and animals, so they are in virtually all foods. Like many other substances in nature, a certain amount of purines are essential to the survival of our bodies, yet too much can threaten our health and well-being.

A very small number of foods have exceptionally high concentrations of purines. These include mostly organ meats (kidney, liver, heart, and sweetbreads), wild game meats (such as venison) and some seafood (anchovies, cod, haddock, herring, mackerel, mussels, trout, sardines, scallops and smelt). In addition, meat stocks and gravies have a greater concentration that the meat itself, and yeast also is high in purines. Alcoholic beverages are also high in purines, particularly beer. Since I don't eat organ meats (except for an occasional treat of pate), wild game meats, or seafood, and I don't drink alcoholic beverages, in my case, my gout was not the result of eating high purine foods. Note that our bodies were designed to have their health supported by foods found in a natural environment, eaten in their natural state. If you were gathering your food from a natural habitat, your food choices would vary from meal to meal and season to season. In our modern culture we have most foods available most of the time and so tend to eat a lot of the same foods. My conclusion is that these foods--if one wishes to eat them--should be eaten in small amounts as occasional treats, and not part of our everyday eating, so as to not overwhelm the body with excess purines.

Most of the foods we eat day-to-day have moderate amounts of purine. These include meats (beef/veal, lamb, and pork), poultry (chicken, duck, goose, and turkey), some seafood (crab, lobster, oysters, salmon, shrimp), and some vegetables (asparagus, dried beans, cauliflower, lentils, mushrooms, peas, and spinach). Our bodies, if in good condition, should be able to eliminate the purines from moderate amounts of these foods with no problems.

Low-purine foods are most fruits and vegetables, grains, milk and milk products, fats and oils, and nuts. A lacto-ovo vegetarian diet or vegan diet would be unlikely to produce gout.

A study that was reported in the 1 March 2004 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine followed 47,150 men with no prior history of gout over a 12-year period. During this period, 730 mean were diagnosed with gout. The study found:

* those who consumed the highest amount of meat were 40 percent more likely to have gout
* those who ate the most seafood were 50 percent more likely to have gout
* there was NO increased risk associate with eating high-purine vegetables (peas, beans, mushrooms, cauliflower, and spinach).

In addition, eating low-fat dairy products decreased the risk of gout and overall protein intake had no effect.

In my particular case, I have been on a very low carbohydrate diet for the past year to control my previously high blood sugar. I have been eating several ounces of some kind of meat or poultry at almost every meal during this time. It has been very effective at controlling blood sugar, but now I am dealing with gout. I want to make it very clear that I am NOT saying a low-carb diet will result in gout. Because there are other factors...


One article I read said that ninety percent of gout is caused by the kidneys not properly elimating uric acid.

The kidneys are known as "The Body's Filter" because their job is to filter the blood and remove things from it which don't belong there. Among the things the kidneys filter out is uric acid. In many of our bodies, however, our kidneys are not doing their job. Kidneys can be damaged by poor diet, stress, and chemical expsosure, reducing their efficiency. When our kidneys are damaged, they can't filter out even a normal amount of uric acid, which then builds up in our bodies and turns into gout.

To help repair my kidneys, I've used Kidney Rejuvenator from Peter Gillham's Natural Vitality (and their synergistic Liver Rejuvenator) and they were very effective. My husband has used them too and liked them. They are a blend of various whole foods and herbs. I'm sure there are other similar products available; these are the ones we use.

Kidneys also need sufficient water to operate. Just as gout can be due to too much purines, on the flip side it can be the result of not drinking enough water to flush out even the normal amount of uric acid produced by the breakdown of these purines. And that water needs to be pure water, free from chemical contaminants. I noticed that my first two bouts of gout occurred when I was on vacation--walking ourdoors more than usual and not drinking as much water as usual (and the second bout was right after a cross-country airplane flight, which is also dehydrating). And last week when this current bout began, the temperature was higher and I didn't increase the amount of water I was drinking. I got gout and my husband, in the same time period, had much greater pain in his back than normal (he has had a back injury), which was relieved simply by drinking more water. So water seems to be an important key element in the contributing factors to gout.


Here are the steps I'm taking to eliminate gout from my life.

1. Make a spirit intention to eliminate gout from my body and have a healthy body, fully functioning at optimum condition.

2. Remove any mental thoughts or pictures that are not in agreement with this intention.

3. Restore full kidney and liver function. I'm about to go visit my nutrition doctor with this question. I may continue to take the Kidney Rejuvinator mentioned above. I'm also looking at a product at goutcure.com that aids in kidney and liver function specifically for gout. I'm still researching how to best accomplish this.

4. Integrate the data on purine in foods with my otherwise successful low-carb diet.

And that should take care of it!

I'll keep posting updates here as I get more information and make progress with this.

Monday, July 17, 2006 8:51:00 AM  
Blogger Debra Dadd Redalia said...

I just noticed that I forgot to include water in writing out my program. I already have been drinking three quarts of water a day, but I see I need to be aware of changing environmental conditions and more aware of the hydration level of my body. Especially in the summertime, when air conditioning indoors is dehydrating as well as higher temperatures outdoors. This morning I noticed that overnight my body became really dehydrated. So getting enough water is going to be a key factor for me.

Monday, July 17, 2006 9:12:00 AM  
Blogger Debra Dadd Redalia said...

Yesterday I ordered the goutcure.com herbal product and found out more about gout.

It seems that as uric acid builds up in the body, it does so in little pockets, which can then flare up as gout. I had been noticing that there were spots in my body that had occasional aches or twinges or weaknesses and I began to notice that it was quite likely that there were pockets of urid acid all over my body.

The goutcure.com program initially involves taking the herbal product and going on a very strict diet for one week, which is composed only of foods that have no purines. This is to give the body the opportunity to remove the existing purine residue (uric acid) without adding new purines for the body to deal with.

I'm going to talk with my doctor tonight, but it looks to me like I should do this cleansing program.

This website has the best information I have found about handling gout using non-drug natural means. They were the first to develop a natural supplement for gout, all the staff have recovered from gout using the program, and they have been doing this with great success since 1998.

I'll post more about the results I get doing this.

Debra :-)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006 8:26:00 AM  
Blogger Debra Dadd Redalia said...

I've been writing about "eliminating gout from my life" but thought I would also share some things I've learned about how to treat gout and relieve the pain of gout naturally.

I've found that eating cherries and drinking cherry juice help a lot. The first two bouts I had I took drugs (only because the pain was excrutiating and I didn't have any other information on what to do). During bout #3 and this bout I have taken no drugs. But I did eat cherries or drink cherry juice every three hours while awake. And the attacks were bearable.

The other thing I did was take Kidney Rejuvenator from Peter Gillham's Natural Vitality (and their synergistic Liver Rejuvenator). They really seemed to help. But then I would stop taking them after the attack. It's becoming clear to me now that I really need to heal my kidneys and liver.

During this current attack, I discovered a product called Crystal Salt Peloid with Peruvian Fango Mud, which I got from Himalayan Living Salt. It is a mud facial containing "The Original" Himalayan Crystal Salt, which pulls toxins out of the body through the skin. Though it is designed to be a facial, it is also recommended for gout, so I tried it. I just put some on my skin over the afflicted area. And it worked! The pain lessened greatly and the following day I had noticable overall improvement.

And I've also learned that ice packs can take the pain away pretty quickly as well as relieve the swelling.

Debra :-)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006 8:44:00 AM  

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