19 July 2006


Yesterday an amazing thing happened...twice!

I can't give you all the details because I don't have the other person's permission, but here's what happened.

I was asked to write a short piece for a publication. As I began to write, I was trying to follow the instructions, but what emerged wasn't what I thought was wanted. What came out was deep and inspiring and not anything I could have "thought" of with my mind. As a spirit I loved it, but my mind wasn't sure it would be accepted.

So I sent it in and immediately got a very positive reply, accepting it happily! He had an idea of a certain format, and I executed the idea perfectly. Co-creation!

Now I have never written anything quite like this before and have never seen anything written quite like this. But something incredible emerged by combining the request of another spirit with my spirit response.

And I've never met this person in the physical universe or spoken to him on the phone. Only email. And he lives in another country! But it's so obvious that we have an conection spirit-to-spirit.

Just after I received his acceptance, Larry came in to get something to eat and I thought, "I should tell him what time we are going in the pool today," but decided to wait since he was busy getting his food. A second later, Larry looked up and said, "What time are we going in the pool?"

Later in the day I was just reveling in how good this felt to co-create and suddenly another situation came to my awareness where someone had asked me to create something that was new to me and I hadn't completed it because I wasn't quite sure what he wanted. Where I had been feeling confused, suddenly I had a very clear picture of what to create for him! It was much bigger than what I originally thought we would do together and it had a wider scope of who the project could serve and how they could be served. It wasn't anything I "figured out"--the whole thing just appeared in my awareness fully developed. And again, he had a piece and I had a piece and what we could create together could only happen by bringing our pieces together.

I remember reading many years ago that Mozart would hear the music "in his head" and just write it down, like taking dictation. His manuscripts are clean, with no corrections. And this was for full symphonies and operas even. As a music student in college, I would wonder how he did this. Now I know the music just appeared to him as a spirit. Perhaps that's why his music is so ethereal.

I just love living as a spirit like this! Life becomes so easy.

Debra :-)


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