11 July 2006

Appreciating My Body

So I still have this pain in my foot, though it is much better today after taking the day off yesterday and just lying in bed resting it.

This morning I am feeling a lot of appreciation for my physical body. Even though I am a spirit and will continue to be a spirit whether I have a body or not, my body allows me the sensory experience of being here on Earth (which is delightful!) and currently is a necessary partner in getting things done in the physical world that I as a spirit want to do. When I have some brief episode where I can't get my body up and walk it to the next room without experiencing pain, I feel very motivated to continue to improve my overall body condition so it can serve my spirit intentions. I remember that I, a spirit, have no pain, and that I do have the ability to heal my body.

Larry and I were noticing yesterday that overall, the physical health of both of our bodies has improved dramatically in the last year. We used to catch colds and flus and Larry would cut fingers as he was doing work with his hands, but suddenly we realized that wasn't happening so often any more. In the past year, we haven't been sick with passing colds at all. And for both of us, our ongoing physical conditions have improved greatly. We definately see a correlation between more spiritual awareness and ability and greater health. This pain in my foot is just a blip in an otherwise strong treand toward better body health.

It's been interesting to me to note that the more aware and able I become as a spirit, the more I appreciate my body as a friend and partner in life. I can function without it or with it. I have a choice. But when I do want to use my body, I want it to be very functional and healthy and able. Since I began to see that the quality of my spiritual experience in the physical world depends on the condition of my body, I have been able to improve it's condition through intention and taking better care of it.

Debra :-)


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