31 July 2006

What Spirit Feels Like to Me

Over the weekend I received an email from a reader saying that she appreciated the Signs of Spirit stories because "Your stories help me realize all my spiritual adventures are not necessarily the aha! experiences that happen occasionally, but experiences that are part of daily life."

And I read a passage in a book that was questioning direct spiritual experience. The author said that this happens "only rarely in history" and "is found in holy texts".

So I wanted to share what my experience is like when I am being a spirit.

This morning, for example, I'm feeling bright, interested and clearminded. I'm happily bringing order to my house and my work and making progress on a project. I'm working quickly and unencumbered, without feeling rushed. It's like the path is open and clear and I am just flowing forward. I feel very free, like I can do anything. I feel a rush of energy, like riding a tidal wave, and my writing just flows forth. I feeling like dancing and singing with joy. I feel full of love and appreciation for everything.

To me, this is how I experience being a spirit. It's operating beyond my mind, which still has doubts and fears and considerations and dated information, and beyond my body, which still has pains here and there. So what! I can still function to my highest level of current ability as a spirit by being aware that I exist beyond them.

Now there are times when I get bogged down in my mind or body, and it doesn't feel this way. I can get caught up in worry or doubt or fear, or have all my attention on pain in my body. My mind and body can overcome my attention. But as a spirit I know I am still a spirit and I am more powerful than my mind or body. It's a bit of a tug-of-war. But I hold a continuing intention to always be in charge as a spirit, so I can always bring my attention back "home".

This spirit awareness is something everyone can achieve, I am sure.

Of course, I do also have aha! moments, too (see blog entry Spontaneous Realizations)

Debra :-)

When Problems Come Up...

It seems that as I move forward as a spirit, I both experience greater ease and ability, but also new problems continue to come up. It's like if I were a seed, impelled from within to push through the soil and grow a sturdy plant and leaves so my beautiful flower could finally blossom, the forward movement of fulfilling my purpose of blossoming would lead me to encounter the problems of achieving that along the way.

I've been going through a lot with my body, the past few weeks especially. At the same time, I want to note, I've also been moving forward spiritually, into a new level of understanding and expression.

Last Thursday I realized that what is going on is a response to my spirit intention to have a healthy body.

I've noticed that when I make an intention as a spirit, the thing intended either happens right away or everything that is NOT my intention comes up to be handled, giving me the opportunity to clear it away.

Health, for example, is the natural condition of my body. Illness or impairment is the intrusion of something that reduces health.

Health is the result of giving the body the elements it needs to build, operate, and repair itself--nutritious foods, water, sleep, exercise, etcetera--and refraining from giving it things that cause damage, such as toxic chemicals, alcohols, sugar, stress, etcetera.

Both of these actions are choices we make as spirits, or fail to make.

Even though I have done much for my body to have good health--and my body is much healthier--there is still more to go.

My intention is for my body to be functional, vibrant, beautiful, and able to do anything I as a spirit want it to do to serve me as I fulfill my purpose in the world. All the discomforts I am going through now are opportunities to correct and reverse the actions I've taken or failed to take in past. As difficult as it is sometimes to get through these things, I always appreciate that the universe is set up in such a way that I inherently have a choice and the power to create what I want.

Illness is not a failure. It's an opportunity for correction, an opportunity to set things right, in the direction of sustaining life.

So if you are making intentions and getting problems instead of results, oddly enough, you are on the right track. Just work your way through to resolve those problems and your intention will occur.

30 July 2006

New Stories at Signs of Spirit

This morning we posted two new amazing true stories about being a spirit on our Signs of Spirit website, as we do every Sunday morning. This week, the stories are about amazing things that just happened to us on our nineteenth anniversary vacation we just took over the last three days.

In An Open Window, Larry tells how he used his spirit power of intention to repair a broken power window on our car (while driving, no less!).

And Debra's story, Transformation, is about how a major spiritual transformation was echoed in the physical world by the repeated appearance of butterflies, a universal symbol of transformation.

We send these stories out in a free newsletter every week. You can sign up here.

Debra and Larry

26 July 2006

Spirit Awareness and Ability

This morning I was just looking at the fact that there are two parts to being a spirit.

The first is simply to be aware one IS a spirit (that has a mind and dwells in a body). It's what you ARE.

The second is to use one's spirit abilities, and that takes actual practice, like anything else. It's something you DO. Like you practice riding a bicycle or baking a cake. The more you do it, the better you get at it, and the easier it is. To practice spirit abilities is to use your intention to create what you want, and to practice your ability to love, etcetera.

And the result of this is that you then have a life as a spirit.

Of course, there are many details, but this is the overview.

Debra :-)

Getting Results With Intention

I really like what you said about intention in Reminders to Use Intention and the way you said it. I need (intend) to remember to do it and I need (intend) to drop my old story that I don't have a good track record with my attempts.


25 July 2006

To Have A Great Relationship...

Early this morning I said to Larry, "We are so perfect for each other. How did we get to be so perfect?"

Without hesitation he said, "We just got rid of everything that wasn't working and expanded everything that was good."

He says these things so matter-of-factly that are so simple and profound.

That's exactly what we did. But to me there is something more. We have a deep connection spirit-to-spirit that is consistent and abiding, regardless of the temporary situations passing by in the physical world. I just so appreciate having that...appreciation isn't the right word...something deeper than that on a level where there are no words.

Larry is right. That was the process. We started with a spark of a spirit connection which has grown over the years because we kept choosing it and allowing it and expanding it. Both together.

Friday will be our 19th anniversary of being together. It just keeps getting better...

Debra :-)

24 July 2006


One thing I've noticed as I continue to grow as a spirit is that my awareness and abilities as a spirit seem to expand with ease--they emerge of their own accord rather than being something I have to "cultivate" within myself. I already have all the characteristics and abilities of spirit, so they just naturally emerge as I sweep the limiting thoughts in my mind out of my way.

It looks to me like I experience it this way because my viewpoint is that I am a spirit expanding, not a body looking "within" for "my spirit". As an aware spirit, I am at the center of spirit-mind-body, radiating outward.

Debra :-)

23 July 2006

Simple Living, Seeing the Sky & a Poem

Every couple of weeks I post new material to my Wisdom of Life website, which is about reorienting our lives to spirit and nature.

Today I posted an essay called The Spirit of Simplicity that I wrote a few years ago. It takes a different approach to simple living than is popular today. It's not about reducing our material life to a minimum, but rather our material needs from a spirit perspective. And I've also included my favorite books on simple living, including one written by Quakers, who have been emphasizing spirit in their daily life since 1640.

I also posted the poem "Tintern Abbey" by William Wordsworth, written in 1798. It is such an eloquent expression of a view of life in which spirit and nature are present and alive, written on the banks of a river near an abbey in Wales.

Debra :-)


Since I started this blog a couple of weeks ago, I've been noticing a shift occuring. It hasn't been sudden, but rather day by day, small changes in perception, one by one. It's been like...if life were a deck of cards all laid out on a table face down, each day another card gets turned over and I can see it.

Today I am noticing that it's time to look at everything about my life with new eyes and pull everything into a new level of understanding.

Debra :-)

New Stories at Signs of Spirit

This morning we posted three new amazing true stories about being a spirit on our Signs of Spirit website, as we do every Sunday morning:

In What I Heard With a Quiet Mind, Melissa tells about receiving the thoughts of a friend.

In Seeing for Myself, Larry writes about observing the truth of something for himself and making a successful decision based on that observation.

And Debra's story, More Than Adequate, is about how how a forgotten past spirit intention affected a present situation.

We send these stories out in a free newsletter every week. You can sign up here.

Debra :-)

22 July 2006

Inspiration While Preparing Dinner

I love to cook. I actually find it to be very relaxing, and while my hands are busy and my mind is occupied, I often have spirit realizations.

I was observing that this week a lot of things have been changing in my life--new opportunities are opening up and I am needing to make choices about how I am going to spend my time and what my priorities are.

I began to consider what was most important to me, and suddenly I realized that I wasn't imagining BIG enough. I was intending what I thought I could have, rather than my perfect ideal. What would bring me the greatest joy and be the highest expression of my purpose as a spirit? Not what I thought was possible, but rather, what could I imagine?

Debra :-)

21 July 2006

Me, Mind & Body

I'd like to give you all a tip for something that helped me a lot as a spirit. And that is to begin to use language that establishes that you are speaking as a spirit.

In our culture, we use the word "I" to refer to oneself, but also to one's mind or body.

Like "Wrap this towel around yourself." Well, you aren't actually wrapping the towel around yourself, a spirit, you, a spirit are wrapping a towel around your body. So I would say instead, "Wrap this towel around your body."

Or "I was listening to myself talk." Actually, you, spirit, were listening to your mind chatter. And the mind isn't even a living thing, it's just a stimulus-response data bank. I would say instead, "I was observing my mind chattering," or something like that.

By just being aware of spirit, mind, and body as separate items and referring to them correctly in language has been very illuminating to me. Though they work together to create the whole human being, they are as different as flour and sugar and butter that go into making a cookie.

Try it! And watch for this in my writing. I still make mistakes, but I get better at it every day.

Debra :-)

Choosing For Myself

I am working on creating an experience I want to have this summer. I've been listening in on what I've been telling myself. Things like yeah, but remember the time it didn't work out, what will I do if it doesn't work out this time, I don't know what to do next.

What if I wrote a new script? What if I believed I could create whatever experience I choose? What if I decided that I am going to attract the people I need to make this happen? What if I intended to have a terrific summer?

I think I'll just imagine myself in a hot air balloon cruising along happily. I'll just dump this old programming overboard, these mental suggestions that I am a powerless victim, that circumstances are bigger than I am. It seems to me that one of my powers as a spirit is that I get to choose what I tell myself!

20 July 2006

My Natural State as a Spirit

Now that I have this blog, I'm just observing myself as I go through the day, just being more aware as a spirit that I am being a spirit and what that is like.

Over time I've discovered that my natural state as a spirit is a kind of happy, joyous, enthusiam about life. In this state I easily have ideas on how to accomplish my purpose, can act efficiently and effortlessly, and everything I need simply flows in harmony.

I just was noticing how happy and excited I am as I am doing my work. I was just talking with one of my website sub-contractors about improvements for this blog (of course, she just immediately answered the phone when I called and was available to talk). Since blogging is new to me, I just wanted to get started, but now that I have been using this blogging structure, I want some features it doesn't have. So I just brainstormed with my designer and she is now setting up everything I want. While we were talking, I was just getting so excited about all the possibilities of what we could create to make it easier for all of us to communicate about being spirits. I'm so excited!

So if you have any suggestions for things that would make it easier to use this blog, please send me an email at spirit-in-charge@signs-of-spirit.com.

It's so clear that what makes my days so happy is that I am doing exactly what I want to do as a spirit, and that my work benefits the world at large in addition to myself. This is possible for everyone.

Debra :-)

Spontaneous Realizations

Part of why I'm doing this blog is that I want others to know what my direct experience is like being aware that I am a spirit and intentionally living as a spirit. I wish someone had told me years ago how life as a spirit is different from life as a body.

As I go through daily life, I experience three levels of perception. There are the physical senses of my body, the "chattering" of my mind, and then simply existing as a spirit. There are times when I am not aware of sensing or thinking, but just being.

Often I will have spontaneous realizations, which are the most wonderful part of my life. It's when I just suddenly become aware of the most marvelous inspiration. That "ah ha!" or "eureka!" moment in which I become aware of something that is just beyond anything from my previous earthly experience. I feel joyously ecstatic and my body gets a big rush of energy. My face looks all bright and shiny and my eyes sparkle and I feel like of course I am capable of doing this immense new thing! They are "Wow!" moments.

These happen all the time. Well, not continuously, but at least several times a week. Sometimes in clusters--five or six back to back.

Larry and I have noticed these realizations are often proceeded by things looking pretty frustrating or stuck or bleak. But it is so predictable that something wonderful will emerge after the difficult period that Larry and I just laugh and remind each other, "You know, something really incredible is about to happen!" It seems the worse the difficulty, the more incredible the realization.

Larry also is fond of reminding me that obstacles wouldn't be coming up if I wasn't racing forward on a path. I could be quite comfortable sitting still, not moving or changing or growing in my magnificence, but what fun would that be?

Debra :-)

19 July 2006


Yesterday an amazing thing happened...twice!

I can't give you all the details because I don't have the other person's permission, but here's what happened.

I was asked to write a short piece for a publication. As I began to write, I was trying to follow the instructions, but what emerged wasn't what I thought was wanted. What came out was deep and inspiring and not anything I could have "thought" of with my mind. As a spirit I loved it, but my mind wasn't sure it would be accepted.

So I sent it in and immediately got a very positive reply, accepting it happily! He had an idea of a certain format, and I executed the idea perfectly. Co-creation!

Now I have never written anything quite like this before and have never seen anything written quite like this. But something incredible emerged by combining the request of another spirit with my spirit response.

And I've never met this person in the physical universe or spoken to him on the phone. Only email. And he lives in another country! But it's so obvious that we have an conection spirit-to-spirit.

Just after I received his acceptance, Larry came in to get something to eat and I thought, "I should tell him what time we are going in the pool today," but decided to wait since he was busy getting his food. A second later, Larry looked up and said, "What time are we going in the pool?"

Later in the day I was just reveling in how good this felt to co-create and suddenly another situation came to my awareness where someone had asked me to create something that was new to me and I hadn't completed it because I wasn't quite sure what he wanted. Where I had been feeling confused, suddenly I had a very clear picture of what to create for him! It was much bigger than what I originally thought we would do together and it had a wider scope of who the project could serve and how they could be served. It wasn't anything I "figured out"--the whole thing just appeared in my awareness fully developed. And again, he had a piece and I had a piece and what we could create together could only happen by bringing our pieces together.

I remember reading many years ago that Mozart would hear the music "in his head" and just write it down, like taking dictation. His manuscripts are clean, with no corrections. And this was for full symphonies and operas even. As a music student in college, I would wonder how he did this. Now I know the music just appeared to him as a spirit. Perhaps that's why his music is so ethereal.

I just love living as a spirit like this! Life becomes so easy.

Debra :-)

18 July 2006

Right On Time

Yesterday morning I needed to go to a meeting with a client, and Larry needed to drive me. But I didn't know how long the meeting would last or where I needed to go afterwards. So I couldn't tell Larry when to pick me up.

There was a possibility I would need to go directly to another appointment, so I told Larry I would call the next appointment at 11:45 to see if that was happening, and then call him. And if I was done with the meeting before 11:45, I would ask my client to drive me home, since it was a very short drive. I wanted to give him a block of time to do his own work.

My client and I had our meeting, which ended just at 11:45. That was the amount of time I had available, and it was precisely the amount of time we needed. I called my next appointment and found it needed to be rescheduled for later in the day, so I needed a ride home.

My client asked me how I was getting home, and I said, "Could you give me a ride home? Or I could call Larry." She said she would drive me and not to call Larry.

I gathered my things together and was just ready to stand up and walk out to the car, when there was a knock at the door. It was Larry!

He said that he needed to go out and so wasn't home for me to call him. So he just came to get me...right on time.

Debra :-)

Choosing Our Bodies

Dealing with my own body problems and reading about you dealing with yours, I often wonder why we chose to live in a sensitive body. In my case, I am almost unable to use supplements. Which means, of course, I need to learn to heal my body as a spirit. Until then, I see supplements and herbs as sort of like training wheels on a bicycle.


16 July 2006

New stories at Signs of Spirit

This morning we posted three new stories on our Signs of Spirit website, as we do every Sunday morning:

In Sweet Potatoes, Mary tells about her spirit intention to improve her cooking abilities.

In Resolving a Body Problem, Larry writes about communicating with his body to find out what it needed.

And my story Honesty Pays Off, is about how we purchased something we wanted at a huge discount as the result of being honest.

We send these stories out in a free newsletter every week. You can sign up here.

Debra :-)

15 July 2006

Finding What I Needed

This last week I have been struggling with my body over an attack of gout. My body has had these attacks before, which has been puzzling to me, since my body doesn't fit the profile of being a male who consumes a lot of alcoholic beverages and red meat.

My body had the first bout in March of last year, then another almost one year later to the day, this past March, and since then two more attacks, with little time between. The pain that comes from gout is considered to be "the worst pain you can experience," and it is the worst pain I have ever experienced. What happens in the body is that excess uric acid crystallizes into needle-like formations that actually rip the tissue, producing a purple bruise. Why my body had excess uric acid I didn't know because I wasn't feeding my body any of the foods on the standard gout list. "This must be leftover from another lifetime," I thought.

I had worked out a natural treatment plan that seemed to work, and have been using it this week with good results. Though the afflicted area is smaller than previous attacks, and the pain is milder, it's still not over. I felt like I was doing the best I could with the information I had and I had already researched the subject quite extensively. But here I was, still with gout.

Yesterday, a friend suggested that I do more research to find a better treatment. Exasperated and frustrated, with a body in pain, I, as a spirit, said, with great force of energy, "I don't want another treatment! I want to find out whatever I need to know and do so that my body will never have gout again!"

This morning I woke up early and my first thought was to go to my computer and search on "uric acid". Always before I had searched on "gout" but this morning it was quite clear to me to find out about uric acid and how it works in my body.

Well, the first result on the list led me to a website that a lot of information about uric acid--what it is, how it turns into an attack of gout, what contributes to it, what relieves it...I learned some vital information that has made it possible for me to work out a whole new program, based on understanding the actual imbalance going on in my body. It turned out that I was eating foods I didn't know contributed to gout and I needed to drink more water. Easy things like that I could do. I just didn't know to do them. With this new information, I see I can control my actions so my body will never have gout again.

As a spirit, I take responsibility for the condition of my body. Over and over I am amazed at how little I know about how my body operates (and not just me, in our culture, most of us don't know how to operate our bodies for optimum health, and rely on medical experts or alternative healers rather than our own knowledge and ability). Each time my body has problems and I learn what it needs and provide it, I have no more problems in that area. Bit by bit I'm learning how it works and how to care for it.

This morning I was delighted that the response to my intention for what I needed to know to never have gout again arrived so rapidly and effortlessly! Even though I used the physical tool of an Internet search engine, I know that it's possible to search the Internet all day and never find what you are looking for. The fact that I zoomed right in on the exact information I was looking for to me was spirit at work. I had to stop looking for a treatment and intend to find how to live gout-free.

Then this afternoon Larry went out to our chlorine-free swimming pool, which is in a wooded area all surrounded by ancient oak trees. I was standing in the middle of the pool, just enjoying the coolness of the water and moving my arms through the water gently, as I couldn't walk with the pain in my foot. All of a sudden a blue dragonfly came and gently landed on my head for a moment. Traditionally, dragonflies are a symbol of transformation.

Seems to me something is about to change.

Click on "Comments" below for the information I found about eliminating gout...

Reminders to Use Intention

I really appreciate all the reminders you give me in the Signs of Spirit stories and this blog to use my intention. I think if you keep reminding me often enough, I'll finally start making setting my intention a habit! Please keep it up!


14 July 2006

Beyond Thinking...Beyond Feeling

After writing the post "Using Spirit Knowing" yesterday, later in the day I suddenly remembered a time when I didn't know how to know.

Though I have been aware I am a spirit since I was six years old, what I didn't know was anything about what a spirit was or how to be one. And for many years it didn't even occur to me to find out.

Then in 1985, after attempting to live on Earth in my body for thirty years without much spiritual knowledge, I decided to withdraw from my busy city life in San Francisco and move to a small rural village across the Golden Gate Bridge in the west side of Marin county. My intent was to have some peace and quiet in a more natural setting, live a simpler life, and have time and aloneness just to learn about myself.

My first attempt at finding our about how to be a spirit was to take a series of weekly workshops, given by a well-known spiritual writer who happened to live in a nearby town. At each workshop, we were led through various group processes designed to get us past our habit of thinking with our minds.

The one thing I remember about these workshops was the constant admonition "Don't think--feel!" At that time, I was doing a lot of thinking with my mind--being aware of actual words chattering along. This whole idea of feeling was completely foreign to me, and most of the others in the group. But soon I was able to feel various emotions, actually feel them wordlessly in my body instead of thinking them with my mind.

Many years later I learned that there are various layers of awareness for human beings. We can see our bodies, so they are very real. Then we can observe our thoughts because they contain words. If you think, for example, "I am sitting in this room," these are words with meanings, there is something tangible. And then at a deeper level there are a whole range of feelings that are actually emotions that go from feeling useless and apathetic to complete serenity. But spirit is deeper still and has it's own set of characteristics and abilities. Spirit is that which is aware of body, mind, emotions, and the entire physical universe. What I eventually found, when I dug deep enough, is the center of me that brings life to the physical aspect of myself. But these physical world aspects are just attachments through which I operate...they are not me.

Being aware as a spirit is simply being aware that I exist as a unit of awareness. At some point I began to realize that no matter what was going on or how old my body got, there was this "me" that was always there, being aware of what was going on. I could be happy or sad or well or sick or rich or poor or in a relationship or alone, but these were all temporary changeable states. I always came back to this center that was me.

Now that I know the difference between myself as a spirit and all these other things that surround me in the physical universe, I am exploring how to be this entity that I am and how to both be a a vibrant, powerful, limitless, creative spirit, and interact in the physical world that is full of limitation and obstacles. But at least now, I know what I am and am certain of that.

13 July 2006

Using Intention

One of the most practical things I do as a spirit is to use my intention to create things the way I want them to be instead of just "accepting things as they are" even if they aren't going as I would like them to.

Yesterday I needed to go to an important appointment. I needed to be there at 1:00. Ordinarily I would drive myself, but a pain in my foot was keeping me from being able to drive myself, so Larry agreed to drive me. We agreed to leave at 11:30 so I could take a shower first (we're remodeling our bathroom and currently don't have a shower) and then go out to lunch and to the appointment.

11:30 came and went and no Larry. This was unexpected since Larry is extremely punctual. He was test driving a car he was working on, so maybe the car broke down. But I needed to be at my appointment at 1:00, and did not want to miss it.

So I simply intended that I would be there by 1:00 or so, regardless of what needed to happen to get there. I also intended that Larry would arrive in time to drive me, and then I started rearranging the things that needed to happen in the next hour and a half so I would be ready when Larry walked in the door. First I ate lunch at home--leisurely, no rush. Then I considered what to do about taking a shower. I thought if Larry didn't arrive I could take a taxi, but it would be ackward to take a taxi to our other house to take a shower and then to the appointment. So I decided to just wash my hair in the kitchen sink and take a sponge bath. And no sooner did I wet my hair, Larry came in the door. The car had indeed broken down. But he arrived in time to take me to take a shower and got me to my appointment at 1:10--plenty of time for my full appointment.

With the intention that I would arrive for my appointment, even though circumstances looked like it wasn't going to happen, I was able to arrange the physical universe so that would occur. No worry or anxiety was necessary. I just used my spirit ability of intention.

Now you may be wondering, "Why doesn't she just use her spirit intention to heal this pain in her foot?" Well, some things take longer than others in the physical universe. I haven't gotten to instant healing yet. But my foot gets better every day.

Using Spirit Knowing

Part of what I want to do with this blog is to share what it is like to have a spirit perspective in daily life.

Just now I was working on creating my Words of Wisdom, a daily email I send out with inspiring quotations about spirit and nature. When I create these, I go to a database of quotations I've been collecting for years, and just browse through them. I don't have any guidelines or formulas for choosing which quotation to pick, and I don't just publish them in the order in which they appear in the database. There is a definate choosing. But it is not a "thinking" choosing, it is a "knowing" choosing. I just browse through the quotations and suddenly one will stand out, an awareness that "this is the one!" There is no reason for choosing it, just a feeling that it is right.

I often use this spirit knowing to make decisions. And the decision always turns out to be better than if I had "figured" through a decision by looking at pros and cons. As a spirit, I know when something is right.

I don't want this to sound like I never look at the physical facts of a situation. I do. For life consists of both the physical and the spiritual. I just wanted to share how I experience the spiritual aspect. And often, as with choosing the right quotation for any given day, the spiritual is all I need.

12 July 2006

To Agree or Not To Agree...That is the Choice

I've noticed that the process of becoming more and more aware and able as a spirit is often one of revisiting basic principles over and over and understanding them more deeply each time around.

Yesterday I came to understand more deeply how being in agreement with something or not as a spirit affects what happens in my physical life.

I was looking at the question of my own ability to cause things to happen to others, and conversely, the ability of others to cause things to happen to me. And I had the realization (for about the tenth time!) that another person cannot cause something to happen to me unless I go into agreement with them, and I cannot cause something to happen to another person unless they agree to it.

Now I had seen this before, but the new dimension yesterday was that this agreement thing applies to everything! Like my body can't be sick unless I, the spirit, agree my body can be sick. And mosquitoes can't bite my body unless I agree that mosquitoes can come near enough to my body to bite it...and even if they do bite my body, that bite doesn't have to itch unless I am in agreement that mosquito bites itch.

Agreement can be used to create things with others we want to create. Like Larry and I could have an agreement to go out to a movie and then go out to the movie together and have a good time.

Disagreement can be used to block things from happening. Like I don't agree with eating white sugar, so not only do I not eat it, but it rarely even gets offered to me any more.

I was seeing that we all have agreements of all kinds that we aren't even aware of and mostly we operate with these unknown agreements. I think one of the reasons Larry and I have such an incredible relationship is that we have very clear agreements. We both know what our relationship is about and apply those agreements every day. I've been in other relationships where those involved won't even discuss agreements and those relationships didn't work very well.

As spirits we always have the choice to agree or disagree with whatever is occurring, and to participate or not participate. But here's another thing. Agreeing or disagreeing with something is a response. It's being an effect of something else. As spirits, we have the ability to create and cause things to occur, which is even more powerful!

Rest and Regeneration

It's been my experience that when my body has a symptom, the symptom is my body's way of communcatating to me, the spirit, that there is something wrong in with the way I am interacting with it.

Often I have noticed that my body will provide symptoms of pain or illness when I have overworked it. As a spirit, I have no physical limitations--I can work all day and night at things I enjoy doing. But my body is part of the physical world and needs to alternate periods of activity and rest. As a spirit I don't have to be limited by this, but I do need to respect the body's needs. Apparently I have a choice--to either use and maintain my body according to it's needs and have it available and functioning when I want it, or run it until it breaks down and then I can't use it at all (or use it only in a limited way).

I realized yesterday that both activity (which wears down) and regeneration (which restores and builds up) are both spirit functions. A body without a spirit does neither. Activity is about moving and using the body; regeneration occurs when the body is at rest. Rest is an essential complement to activity, and is something I need to make sure my body gets, just like I make sure to feed my body the nutrients it needs, and I make sure to exercise my body.

Slowly but surely I as a spirit am caring more and more deeply about my body and learning more and more about how to care for it day to day, so it will be healthy and available to be my partner in life here on Earth.

11 July 2006

Appreciating My Body

So I still have this pain in my foot, though it is much better today after taking the day off yesterday and just lying in bed resting it.

This morning I am feeling a lot of appreciation for my physical body. Even though I am a spirit and will continue to be a spirit whether I have a body or not, my body allows me the sensory experience of being here on Earth (which is delightful!) and currently is a necessary partner in getting things done in the physical world that I as a spirit want to do. When I have some brief episode where I can't get my body up and walk it to the next room without experiencing pain, I feel very motivated to continue to improve my overall body condition so it can serve my spirit intentions. I remember that I, a spirit, have no pain, and that I do have the ability to heal my body.

Larry and I were noticing yesterday that overall, the physical health of both of our bodies has improved dramatically in the last year. We used to catch colds and flus and Larry would cut fingers as he was doing work with his hands, but suddenly we realized that wasn't happening so often any more. In the past year, we haven't been sick with passing colds at all. And for both of us, our ongoing physical conditions have improved greatly. We definately see a correlation between more spiritual awareness and ability and greater health. This pain in my foot is just a blip in an otherwise strong treand toward better body health.

It's been interesting to me to note that the more aware and able I become as a spirit, the more I appreciate my body as a friend and partner in life. I can function without it or with it. I have a choice. But when I do want to use my body, I want it to be very functional and healthy and able. Since I began to see that the quality of my spiritual experience in the physical world depends on the condition of my body, I have been able to improve it's condition through intention and taking better care of it.

Debra :-)

09 July 2006

An Amazing Feat of Spirit

A reader sent me a video clip of juggler Chris Bliss performing an amazing juggling act. It's a four minute clip with an ending so spectacular it's like the grand finale of a fireworks display.

It reminded me of when I used to play very difficult pieces on the piano. My hands would be flying so fast there wasn't time to think with my mind. The only way to do it was to just train my fingers and then play the piece as a spirit, bypassing thinking entirely. Looks to me like Chris is doing the same thing.

You can watch this incredible performance at http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4776181634656145640.

Debra :-)

Adding Intention to Injury

The last couple of days my body has had a pain in it's right foot. I've been noticing that I've been saying "My foot hurts...my foot hurts...my foot hurts..." That's an intention to continue to have my foot hurt. And each day, in fact, the pain has been getting worse.

This morning I'm remembering that as I spirit I don't have to agree with the physical universe. Yes, at this moment there is a pain in my body's right foot, but as a spirit, I can start right now to create a new future for my foot using my intention.

So now I will
  • acknowledge the pain as an indicator that something is wrong that needs treatment,
  • find out what that treatment needs to be and do it,
  • change whatever behavior resulted in this symptom, and
  • intend that my foot is completed healed, comfortable, and has the ability to walk on it so both my feet can take me, the spirit, and my body, wherever on earth I wish to go.
I appreciate that my body uses symptoms to guide my choices in the direction of health and longevity. But once I get the message, there's no need to continue the discomfort--especially by continuing to intend it!

Debra :-)

08 July 2006

Why Communicate About Being a Spirit

Here is the reason why this blog is important to me:

If I don't communicate openly about being a spirit, and keep that fact hidden, I'm not acknowledging the existance of the most fundamental, magnificent, powerful, beautiful, awesome aspect of myself--the essential spirit that is me.

And if I keep myself hidden, I limit the expression of my own goodness.

Debra :-)

The Importance of Sharing About Spirit

This week I've been working on setting up this blog so I and others can share experiences about being a spirit more spontaneously than in the story format of our Signs of Spirit newsletter. And something amazing occurred today that showed me really how important it is both for me to share my own experiences and read the experiences of others. This experience really encouraged me to continue on setting up the blog and make it and our newsletter more widely known.

Last night my husband Larry wanted us to watch the recording he had made of a television movie called "Flight 93". It was the story of the heroic passengers who banded together and prevented terriorists from crashing their hijacked plane into a major landmark, which would have killed hundreds more people on September 11, 2001. I probably wouldn't have watched the film on my own, but he wanted to watch it and I wanted to be with him, so we watched it together.

The entire film was about being on the plane with the passengers and their experience being under control of terrorists armed with sharp boxcutters that they demonstrated could be used to kill. After getting information on the fate of other hijacked planes from loved ones during many cell phone calls, the passengers realized this was a suicide mission for the hijackers and they banded together to take control of the plane. Once the passengers accepted they were going to die, they collectively took heroic action to crash the plane in an empty field, where other lives would be spared. It was a scary experience to watch this, to be there having the experience as a passenger, not knowing what the terrorists were going to do, saying good-bye to loved ones and experiencing the horror and loss of families waiting and watching and finally learning their husbands and wives and sons and daughters had been killed in the crash.

This afternoon, as a spirit, I was observing how I felt about watching the film and I began to wonder what I would do if I were in that same situation. Suddenly, I remembered a story we had published in the Signs of Spirit newsletter, called "Flight" by Abby Heywood, in which Abby described how she used her spirit abilities to keep a falling airplane from dropping out of the sky, allowing it to land safely. And I realized that the fate of Flight 93 could have been different. I admired the passengers for accomplishing their intended plan, but saw that their actions were limited not by their ability, but by their vision of what was possible. Had Abby been on the plane, I'm sure she could have controlled the situation with the terrorists and landed the plane safely.

Having this realization immediately erased any lingering fear I had of terrorist attack. Though I make no claim that my own spirit abilities are currently such that I could control a terrorist or a airplane, from reading Abby's story I at least can imagine that is possible.

I am feeling very grateful today for those who share their stories of spiritual ability, awareness, and experience, for it is through reading and hearing these stories I am inspired to know the range of what is possible for myself. And being on the receiving end of benefit from the story of another has renewed and expanded my enthusiasm to share my own stories.

Another reminder that we just don't know how incredibly powerful and able we really are...and that's why we need to communicate about being spirits. Just think what our world would be like if more people knew they were beings of spirit and what their true abilities are!

Debra :-)

Spirit and Business

On Wednesday I had a big realization about my business.

Ordinarily I really love my work. I enjoy the creative act of writing and am very interested in the subjects I have chosen to write about. But lately I have been feeling like my work was more about meeting physical-world deadlines (self-imposed, but physical-world deadlines nonetheless) than about doing creative work and communication as a spirit.

When I took a look at what I had created, I saw that I had simply overscheduled myself. In the realm of spirit, there is no time. I can imagine everything I want to create and see it created instantly. So I get all excited and want to create this and this and that *right now*. What I'm learning is how to create in the physical world what I can imagine as a spirit, which requires various skills, planning, time allotment, resources and the like. Having an idea as a spirit and executing it in the physical world are two different things entirely!

So this week I found myself stressed because I had scheduled more spirit creations to be completed in the physical world than the limited physical-world hours in a day could handle. And I felt squished and limited by physical time. Hemmed in.

I realized first that *I* had chosen all this activity and therefore *I* had the power to rearrange my activities in a way I could be more comfortable with as a spirit.

And then I realized that all of my work is about communication of information I have that I experience as really valuable to making life wonderful--so valuable that I am really excited about sharing it. Really. When I find information that makes my life better, the first thing I want to do is tell others. And that made me see my business in an entirely new light. Instead of producing physical things like books and websites and newsletters and articles, what I am actually producing is spirit-to-spirit communication. These physical forms are simply *doorways* through which my spirit communications pass on their way to being received by other spirits. My business isn't about producing those physical things--though I do produce them--it's about the spirit activity of communication spirit-to-spirit. That it happens via the symbols of words in a physical form is fine for now. That's how spirits mostly communicate today.

I drew a picture that I am going to frame today and hang above my desk--me communicating with other spirits through the doorways of my business.

That feels more joyful!

Debra :-)

05 July 2006

A Spirit Solution

Being a self-employed writer, I am always needing to manage my own time. Being interested in writing about a lot of subjects, I am often juggling projects to fit into available hours in the day.

This week I've been working on writing content for a new website I was wanting to launch next week. I found the project was bigger than I anticipated and needed more time. The problem was, I had already scheduled to announce the new website in my Health, Home & Habitat newsletter and I didn't have another story to fill in.

Rather than trying to come up with a story idea in the physical world by looking through files and notes and books for ideas, I just went about my work with the thought that I wanted more time to complete that project and in order to get that time, I needed a story for my newsletter that would be both interesting to my readers and easy to write.

Within an hour of earth time, I simply became aware of the perfect story idea and I happily got to work on it.

I've learned that when I just rely on my own spirit knowing to come up with a solution, I always get a better solution than if I tried to figure it out with my mind.

Debra :-)

Practical Intuition

Since becoming more aware of my spirit abilities, I often have situations where I just "know" the solution to a problem without figuring it out with my mind.

This morning I was working on formatting the template for this blog and there was a problem. The way this is set up there is a lot of preformatting and then there are places where you get to make changes. Since I know html code for making web pages, I wrote a bit of code to customize the page, and then it did something strange. Since I was working around preformatted coding that I couldn't see or change, it wasn't immediately apparent what to do.

I tried a few logical code changes, but the results just kept getting stranger and stranger. All of a sudden, I just got a flash to try something I had never done before with the code and just did it without thinking about it first. And it worked! It was a fix that was not in my mental data banks of previous experience, yet as a spirit, I was able to see what needed to be done and "know" the fix.

This spirit ability often comes in handy!

Debra :-)

04 July 2006

A poem about being a spirit

My wife Debra and I wrote this poem a couple of years ago.



I know that I am not my hair
Cause when I cut it, I'm still there.

I know that I am not my name
Cause if I change it, I'm still the same.

I know that I am not my ear
Cause if I pierce it, I'm still here.

I know that I am not my knee
Cause if I scrape it, I'm still me.

I know that I am not my eyes
Cause when I close them, I'm still wise.

I know that I am not my thought
Cause I'm still me, if I think or not!

I'm a spirit being, I tell you true
I am a spirit being, and so are you.

MOVIE: The Lake House

Over the weekend Larry and I went to see The Lake House and decided it was one of our favorite movies of all time.

Even though they are not aware of their own spiritual natures, a man and a woman manage to use their spiritual abilities to communicate across time and "meet" each other via letters placed in the mailbox at a house on a lake--even though she is in the year 2006 and he is in the year 2004. Despite this time difference, and the fact that they are physically separated, as two spirits they fall in love, thus starting a quest to be together in the physical world, too. Many twists and turns and surprises and connections.

Well worth seeing and a wonderful depiction of spirit abilities.

Debra :-)