11 August 2006

This Blog Has Moved

We've updated this blog to make it easier for everyone to use. Please visit our new blog site at:


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Debra :-)

The Larger World of Spirit

Last night I had a dream. I was living in a house that I was sharing with other people. We each had our own room and shared common areas. I loved my room--it was everything I wanted.

Then one day, two people moved out of the house, leaving their rooms empty. And so I wandered in to look at them. The rooms were huge! At least twice the size of mine. And they had more windows, light was streaming in. Even though I couldn't imagine such a room before, now that I saw that beautiful room and knew it was possible, I wanted to live in one of the larger rooms.

Becoming aware as a spirit is like entering a larger room and deciding to live there. Life looks different. More is possible.

This blog is my invitation to you to come visit the larger room of spirit. I'm here to show you around, so you can have the option to choose a larger room for yourself.

Debra :-)

10 August 2006

Being Aware of Body Condition

Yesterday I was working on writing something and I had my attention on being aware of the condition of one's body. I realized that I am much more aware of the condition of my body now than I have been in the past. Looking back, I can see that I didn't have much awareness of how my body was doing until it started screaming at me in pain or other symptoms. But now I can look at my body and monitor how it is doing and have an interest in doing so.

While observing this, I had an interesting realization. And that was...in order to be able to observe the condition of one's body, one needs to have a viewpoint outside of the body from which to observe! People who think they are a body would have a very difficult time observing their body or using intention to change their body. But as a spirit, I don't need to be inside my body in order to be connnected to it. I can be outside of my body and some distance from it, and observe and change it just like any other external object.

I'm not talking here about hypochondria, when people are obcessed with being sick. I'm talking about just having an awareness of how my body is doing and when something needs to be adjusted to improve or maintain good functioning. It puts me in a position of having more control over my body condition, and not having to wait until things are so badly malfunctioning before my body gets my attention and help.

Debra :-)

09 August 2006

An Act of Kindness

I always keep at least one bouquet of fresh flowers on my desk.

Yesterday I was at my favorite flower store (my favorite because the owner LOVES flowers, so much that she doesn't like to throw away the flowers that are still good but too old to sell, so she keeps them in a bucket and gives them away to her favorite customers--like me!).

Sharon had some absolutely gorgeous white roses with slightly opened buds as big as my fist. As they opened, the petals inside had a slightly pink blush. They were breaktaking and unusually special. I knew immediately these were the ones to come home with me and keep me company as I work. I asked the price, and chose three, then Sharon said, "I'll give you two-for-one," and wrapped up six.

As she was wrapping them, I became aware of my friend H, who LOVES flowers as well. Flowers just really boost her as a spirit. And I thought, "H would really LOVE this flower!" So I had Sharon wrap up another one, with a ribbon, too.

On the way home, I stopped at H's house and surprised her with the flower. She was ecstatic! She said she had goosebumps. It really made her day.

It seemed like such a little thing to me--the cost in money was only a few dollars--but I just followed my spirit inspiration that I should take one of these flowers to H and the benefit to her was ENORMOUS.

After seeing her delight, I really became more aware of how easy it is to be kind and how good I felt as a spirit that I had just followed through with that spirit prompting. I really hadn't realized before what a big benefit I can give to another being by doing something I think is so small.

I also noticed that as a spirit, I felt that I had lost nothing by doing this act of kindness. In fact, I became more aware of how full I feel as a spirit, and that this outpouring of kindness comes from an inexhaustible source. In the physical world, to give something away creates an emptiness on the side of the giver--I now have less in my pile of stuff. But in the spiritual world, to give something away just opens the way for a bigger flow to replace what was given.

More kindness... I'm going to keep watch for more opportunities to give. Giving H the flower and seeing her happiness made my day too.

Debra :-)

07 August 2006

Our Place in Nature -- From the Viewpoint of Spirit

Today I posted more new essays and a new book to my Wisdom of Life website.

Our Place in Nature shows how what we perceive to be our place in nature can change, when we shift to a spirit viewpoint. Come take a look (it even has drawings I made with my own hand and colored pencils...)

Also an essay on The Coming of Autumn with a comment at the end about why it's important for spirits to be aware of earth time.

And I'm very pleased to announce the publication of a new book by a friend of mine, eco-architect Carol Venolia. Natural Remodeling for the Not-So-Green House: Bringing Your Home into Harmony with Nature. She says "You can be more joyful while having increassing beneficial interactions with the ecosphere." And we are all for more joy!

Debra :-)

06 August 2006

New Stories at Signs of Spirit

This morning we posted two new amazing true stories about being a spirit on our Signs of Spirit website, as we do every Sunday morning:

In The Penny, Debbie tells about a special message from her departed mother-in-law-to-be.

And Debra's story, Nature Spirit, is about what she learned when she became aware of the viewpoint of a nature spirit.

We send these stories out in a free newsletter every week. You can sign up here.

Debra & Larry

05 August 2006

Making Amends

There has been a story in the news this week about actor Mel Gibson making anti-Semitic remarks against Jews when he was arrested for drunk driving. I haven't been particularly following this story, except that it comes up on my browser home page every time I open it to go on the internet.

Well, this morning, the headline was "Mel Gibson Asks Jewish Community to Help Him Make Amends," so I clicked and read the story, curious to see what kind of amends would be suggested.

What was suggested were not amends at all. Demoting him to the status of a bit actor, public circumcision, and having him lead tours through Auschwitz are punishments, which only inflict a reciprocal pain. Nothing is gained by this.

Amends are an action a spirit can take to set things right, after he or she has committed a wrong. A very simple example would be if one knocked over a potted plant while walking by, amends would be to replace the plant and the pot, and make it even better than before--perhaps a larger plant or a more beautiful pot. One would find out what is needed and wanted and provide it. One would do something to help that which had been wronged be in an even better position that it was in before. And by doing these things, one's contribution in a positive direction becomes greater in effect than one's transgression. Having made amends in this way myself, and having had amends made to me in this way, I know that the true making of amends completely heals and leaves those involved even closer than before.

In my opinion, Mr. Gibson could truly make amends by using his talents to educate the public about what is good about the Jewish people, or create a public campaign to educate about predjudice. He could make an inspiring film with a Jewish theme. His amends needs to be sufficient and broad enough to heal the public pain caused by his comments.

Making amends allows the spirit to heal and grow. It's something we all can use.

Body Purification

For the last few weeks, my attention has been on purification of my body, that is, taking steps to remove anything from it that does not contribute to its optimal function.

I know that purification of the body is a traditional part of the spiritual path and I just want to make a comment about my experience with this.

The first thing I did, many years ago, was address toxic chemicals in my body and environment, and eliminate them. I never did drink alcohol (except for on occasional glass of champagne at a party), or smoke cigarettes, or take recreational drugs. I haven't taken over-the-counter or prescription medication in over twenty years, with the exception of a couple of emergencies. So I haven't been putting the usual "bad stuff" in my body.

But what I did do was eat food, which my body did not process correctly, leaving acid wastes. So now it is time to remove those from my body.

The important point here is that I am not becoming more spiritually aware as the result of a body purification, but the need to purify my body seems to be trailing along right behind growing spiritual awareness and ability. It's like I make progress to a certain point, and then my body needs to change to "hold" a higher vibration. This body change looks like illness, but the symptoms are just signs that there are things that need to be cleared away.

I've found that the process of becoming spiritually aware and able is more about removing that which obscures the spirit, like cleaning a window to allow the sun to shine through. Just as the sun is there shining, though it may not be visible, so too is the spirit always there in it's full glory. Part of what needs to be removed are restrictive thought patterns in the mind. Purification of the body allows the spirit to operate more fully through the body.

I also am finding that "sticking to my diet" and drinking copious amounts of water through the day is absolutely effortless. It is a relief to know what my body needs and give that to it. It is a joy to feel those old wastes leaving my body, even though at times it is uncomfortable.

Suddenly I want my body to function optimally. I have things to do in the world. To have anything less than optimal body function is not enough. And so it is.

04 August 2006

SPIRIT WORDS: Magnanimity

Being a writer, I have a keen interest in words, their meanings, and their roots. I've been collecting words that have to do with spirit, words we can use to communicate about and understand our spiritual nature. I'll be posting more of these words, but today I want to share a word I just discovered this morning.

Magnanimity. The inherent reaching out of the soul to do great things. The magnanamous man aims at great works, making it his purpose to do things worthy of great honor. Not for the honor, but for the joy of expressing himself as a spirit.

It's from the Latin magnanimus, from magnus great + animus spirit.

To be magnanimus is to demonstrate our greatness, our GREATNESS, in every way.

I love it! Our spirit characterisics are built right into our language.

Debra O:-)